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Unit-dose containers from Lameplast

These containers guarantee, like no other, absolute freshness and purity of its contents. Once opened they protect perfectly the product inside from the risk of environmental contamination.

Lameplast's Unit-Dose Containers are ideal for cosmetic, healthcare, and natural products such as: skin and hair conditioners, face-lift serums, rinses, hair coloring compounds, lotions, antiseptics, materials for dental restoration, diagnostic test kits, nutraceuticals, homeopathic formulations, and herbal preparations.

With sizes ranging from 0.33ml to 10ml these containers come in strips of 5 units, reclosable and non-reclosable models available and many custom imprinted techniques cna be used to decorate to specification.

These containers have been successfully adopted and heavily used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies world-wide. They not only offer convenience but also promote the adherence of the user to the treatments thus avoiding the "drop-out".