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Surprisingly Classic - now also in PET

APG Europe is once again adding a new family to its wide range of standard PET bottles and jars: the Scylla Oval. For years, this model has been known as a glass variant and it is used in several different markets.

The range consists of three different content sizes (100 ml/150 ml/200 ml) and they are manufactured with a 28ROPP neck finish. The robust oval shape, combined with the decorative neck, give the model its recognisable look. The range can easily be combined with standard closures such as aluminum caps or pharmacy caps with or without a tamper-evident ring.

Application areas

The Scylla Oval is associated with concepts such as Tradition, Trust and Health, so this type of bottle is often used for natural products, of both the medicinal and nourishing kind. Examples include cough syrup, herbal shampoos, liquid balms and the like. The bottle can, of course, be manufactured in a range of colours. Amber brown and dark blue are the traditional ones, which enhance the model’s classic nature.

Decorating options

The model has virtually no decorating limitations, making it every product developer’s dream. A screen print or perfectly fitting sleeve can be easily applied to every content size. The most recognisable look is created when you affix a label that precisely follows the outlines of the bottle’s label.