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Soccer Trophy PET jar

We are proud to present our latest standard shape: The Soccer Trophy. This extremely striking packaging has a football at the top and looks like a trophy. The model is presented upside down and therefore stands on its cap on the shelf.

The Soccer Trophy has a volume of 900 ml and is produced with a 63 RTS neck finish. If required, We can supply the PET jar with a suitable closure. If you are interested in this model, We  would also be delighted to discuss additional volumes with you.

Fields of application

The specific shape means that this model is not suitable for all kinds of products. In most cases, the model will be used for specific football events or as a birthday present. It lends itself extremely well to all kinds of sweets and chocolate products.

Decoration options

This specific model is not particularly easy to decorate, but in principle anything could be possible with the right assistance and coordination. The most attractive effect is obtained by producing the Soccer Trophy in gold, silver or bronze-coloured PET and applying a close-fitting sleeve to the cylindrical base. This could show match schedules, club images or country-specific images, for example. Please contact us for more details such as prices or samples