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Sharp Cylindrical, a line for haircare products

A well-known top French cosmetics brand have choose PET-Power’s “Sharp Cylindrical” packaging for their new line of haircare products. PET-Power created a new volume with a 300 ml bottle, which is a welcome addition to its >1000 article base of products.

This well-known French customer also posed another challenge. They needed a solid and massive jar and PET-Power came up with the material glass polymer and suggested producing a 250ml jar.

PET-Power’s rock solid jar in black gives the product a definite feel of quality, something very fitting to the brand of their client. This 250ml glass polymer jar (with neck 89 SP400) is unique and available from PET-Power for those who want to make a difference. It can be made crystal clear or in any colour and other shapes in this material can be made on request.

After this, PET-Power was asked to take full responsibility for the entire project. By working with expert partners they organised a special 89 mm closure with a high quality look from Haal Verpakkingen (NL). They have also organised the distinguishing sleeves for the containers through the company Rivièra (NL).

PET-Power in this way is helping their clients to create new opportunities, also offering such a high quality service to their own vast and growing customer base. They have seen an increase in one-stop-shop demand from its customer base and now PET-Power has realized a turn-key project providing a complete packaging solution of closure, container and sleeving for their client. Please, contact them for more info regarding beautiful one-stop shop packaging opportunities.