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New Ellipsea bottles

A new family has been added to our glass range. With 3 new standard bottles and 2 standard jars the new Ellipsea range is a true eyecatcher.


The range consists of three glass bottles with an oval shape. These are availble in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml volume and all have the standard GCMI 20/410 screw thread to match a wide range of standard closures.
Standard models are available at a MOQ of 1 pallet per reference and are already in stock!
Ellipsea jars
In addition 2 new standard jars have been added to the range. These are availble in 15ml (with GCMI 33/400 screw thread) and 50ml (with GCMI 53/400 screw thread).

The range is perfect for high-end cosmetics and brands who want to differ from competition due to the new elegant oval-based shape.

For more details such as prices and samples please contact us.