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New airless range extensions on show

Airless HVDS dispensers are able to handle products that have a very high viscosity and are therefore extremely difficult to dispense effectively.

These benefits were initially targeted in particular at pharmaceutical creams, such as dermatological emollient creams. However, the dispensers’ wide-ranging capabilities and their ability to effectively handle all types of viscous creams, lotions and gels, have meant that Airless HVDS is increasingly being adopted to handle a variety of products in other key markets such as professional haircare, spas and cosmetics.

The Airless HVDS dispensers feature a pre-assembled container and piston and are designed to pump air via a unique valve system. The top filling dispensing pack ensures a simple filling operation and after dispensing an innovative suckback feature pulls product back into the nozzle for clean and hygienic operation.

The range is ideal for dispensing air and oxygen sensitive products and a non-metal contact construction means the dispensers are compatible with a wider range of product formulations and ingredients.