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New 24-410 Hook Cap

We have added a brand new 24/410 closure, fresh from the new mould, to our standard catalogue.
This innovative cap distignuishes itself from others by its in-moulded hook on the topside of the closure, which can be used for many purposes.

The closure is produced in Polypropylene (PP) material and is available in the standard GCMI 24/410 size.
This ensures a perfect compatibility with most of our standard PET, HPDE en PP bottles. The cap is developped with a bore seal, ensuring a tight fit for most products, whether that's a liquid or more viscous product.


The hook design offer a wide range of possibilities. First of all it permits to hang a label or booklet to the closure in a secure way when used with bottles that have a specific design which is often associated with a small decoration or printing area.
On the other hand it also gives a few advantages which can be an asset to the userfriendlyness of you packaging.
When used for bathroom products the hook can be used to hang the bottle to a towel or shower rack so that it's always easy to reach when needed.
In combination with specific bottles a unique packaging can be created. What to think of combining this cap with our 'Sphere' range of PET bottles to create a perfect theme-packaging for christmas.

 Hook cap2.jpg (Preview)


The cap is available in standard colours (white, black, natural) at an MOQ of 25.000 pcs.
But off course it can be produced in every colour reference subject to a production minimum of 50.000 pcs.

Please contact us for more details such as prices and samples.