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Maple syrup company taps into Weatherchem’s closure expertise

The LiquiFlapper closure provides controlled directional flow of liquids. It has a unique tear-drop shaped orifice and sharp cut-off lip for a clean, even flow that eliminates mess and run-off.

Cleveland, Ohio—Over 80 years ago, one man started making maple syrup as a hobby and had a single delivery route through only two states. Today, Anderson’s Maple Syrup, Inc. is one of the largest pure maple syrup packaging facilities in the Midwest United States. And, the company’s recent route into finding the ideal closure for their maple syrup bottle ended at Weatherchem Corporation. As perfect as Anderson’s Maple Syrup is on pancakes, so is Weatherchem’s LiquiFlapper® Dispensing Closure on the Anderson’s Maple Syrup bottle.

The LiquiFlapper Closure provides controlled directional flow of liquids. It has a unique tear-drop shaped orifice and sharp cut-off lip for a clean, even flow that eliminates mess and run-off. LiquiFlapper is the latest in the line of Weatherchem’s original Flapper® Closure products and is the first innovative solution of its kind for pourable products. The perfect combination of ease of use, shelf impact, and safe and secure features make LiquiFlapper ideal for syrups, in addition to marinades, sauces, salad dressings, creamers, specialty milks, and liquid antacids.

The decision by Anderson’s to choose the LiquiFlapper Closure makes sense when you understand the company’s history and knack of making the right decisions for healthy growth. Anderson's Maple Syrup, Inc. has been a family-run business since the early 1920’s when Paul Anderson, a Wisconsin dairy farmer, started making maple syrup to put on the breakfast table. He and his son Norman started growing the business by making a single, once-a-year route that took them through parts of Wisconsin and into northern Minnesota. This route enabled them to sell their yearly supply of syrup. In the late 1950's, they decided that there was a greater reward in a full-time maple syrup business than in farming—and not just because the scent of evaporated maple sap is far better than what the cows brought.

They knew they had a great product and a business recipe for true success. So, they sold all their cows and jumped head first into the maple syrup business. They knew that this was a huge risk, but they worked hard and built the business that thrives today.

Anderson’s Maple Syrup, Inc. remains small in size to maintain its high quality standards. Family members and friends still have major roles in the company’s operations and won’t let critical product enhancement opportunities “fritter” away. Steve Anderson now owns the company his grandfather started. His attraction to the LiquiFlapper Closure was as pure as his maple syrup. “For a few years, we were looking for something better than our old screw caps”, Anderson said. “When Midway Container, a Weatherchem distributor, showed us the LiquiFlapper we knew it was exactly what we needed. LiquiFlapper’s orifice size is perfect for pouring syrup and has no mess.”

With a stack of steaming pancakes on their plate, consumers are eager to get their hands on a bottle of Anderson’s Maple Syrup. The problem is, with a conventional screw cap, those consumers would get the syrup itself on their hands. The syrup would dribble down the side of the bottle after each use. Anderson says, “LiquiFlapper lets the consumer control the flow of the syrup and the lip cuts off the flow cleanly. The no mess feature greatly separates us from the competition. In fact, one of our customers called to specifically thank us for the new cap. Also, the LiquiFlapper Closure has a nice, sleek design. It even comes in a burgundy color that matches our label design. All this complements our ‘Premium Brand—Premium Appearance’ principle.”

Weatherchem Corporation is an innovative manufacturer and marketer of convenient plastic dispensing closures and controlled access packaging. As the creators of the original Flapper® dispensing closure, Weatherchem now offers one of the industry's most innovative closure product lines. In addition to LiquiFlapper® these include: NutraFlapper®, FlapMate™, Grinder NR™, NutraGen II™, and Agricap®. Whether designing or selecting packaging for a new product, or revamping the design of an existing product, Weatherchem has the closures that consumers love.