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In-mould labeled dosage devices

Decoration by injection (In-mould labeling) is widely spread in the food sector but hardly present in the field of health. For the first time, it is now used for pharmaceutical dosage products.

For the first time, In-mould labeling is used for pharmaceutical dosage products and cosmetics, with the ability to adapt to any type of product (measuring cups, measuring spoon, spoonbox, spatula)

The principle is to insert the label into the mold then injecting the material. The decoration becomes part of the plastic piece and is adorned with an attractive visual, ensuring a maximum metering accuracy. An innovation that revolutionizes the metering products.

* Readabilty of graduations and unmatched metering accuracy: removal of the transparency-effect.
* Attractive decoration and communication possibilities on surface: You get a personal product which will strengthen your identity with customers.
* Resistant to wear
* Normal manufacturing cycle: The IML does not require additional operations. The lead time is not extended and the costs remain attractive