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Hermann Koch launches new ranges

With their series 'Classico' and 'Rossetto' Hermann Koch launches 2 brand new packaging series

New Collection Rossetto:

The new Rossetto collection stands out due to its distinctive appearance and yet still retains an elegant cosmetics and body care packaging shape, as when looked at more closely the shape is reminiscent of a lipstick.
This elegant design appears in the form of a 50 ml jar, 200 ml tottle and 250 ml bottle.
The tottle and bottle are fitted with a 2K cap to provide scope for customised colouring.

New Collection Classico:

The "Classico" collection stands for classic, timeless design. Due to the cylindrical shape there are no limits with regard to decoration. The Classico collection consists of a series of thick-walled jars from 15 ml to 50 ml content and round bottles with a volume of 150 ml to 250 ml. All bottles are fitted with a GCMI thread so that, besides the high quality 2-part cap, lotion or spray pumps etc. can also be attached if required.

New collection Sipario:

This elegant collection comprises a 50 ml jar, 200 ml tootle and 250 ml bottle. The distinctive feature of the 50 ml jar is its variants diversity - you can select between three different surface charateristics. The oval design is framed by edge-gated, soft outlines. Bottle and tottle are available with a bi-injection cap.