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Get your products ready for France 2016

The summer of 2016 will be in the light of the UEFA EURO 2016 Championship in France. As usual such an event generates a huge turnover in event related merchandise and promotional products. APG Europe offers a wide range of standard bottles and jars which are the perfect packaging for soccer related products. Don't miss out this opportunty to give your sales an extra boost.

PET soccer jars

What is a better way for offering your gifts, sweets, chocolates or other products during the EURO 2016 Championship than in a soccer ball shaped jar? APG Europe offers two standard sizes: a 1-litre jar with a 63RTS screw cap, and a life-sized 4-litre jar with a 100SP400 screw cap. The jar is available at a low MOQ in cristal clear colour, but can off course be produced in the colours of any team or country subject to a production minimum.


Fields of application

PET offers many benefits as a packaging material and is therefore used to package a very wide range of articles. The Soccer jars are perfect for candy, chocolates, confectionery and even sports food. But it can also be used for tablets, detergents, and even toys. It makes no difference what the ball is filled with, as it will always stand out on the shelf. Also this jar is very likely to be re-used for other purposes after usage such as storing childrens toys, batteries or biros guaranteeing a long exposure for your brand name.


Decorating options

The round shape, in combination with the size, means that these jars are not easy to decorate. However, it goes without saying that it can be produced in any colour of the rainbow. The best effect with this jar is obtained by placing a label on the lid or hanging a label booklet round the neck. Pad printing is another very attractive option to decorate the jar or lid in 1 or more colours. Please contact us for more details such as samples and prices.