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Flip top jar range expands

New references have been added to our Flip Top Jar range. Now this range consists of jars from 10ml to 400ml.
In addition we can also offer the 30ml jar with sifter inserts for talcum and powders.

These contemporary and classic looking single-walled PP jars with patented snap lock flip top lids offer so much advantages compared to standard PP jars.

- Easy product acces with flip top lid
- Patented sealing system suitable for a broad spectrum of liquid products
- PP single wall construction for easier recycling and singificantly less plastic 
- Tamper evident seals 
- Air tight seals
- Customise by embossing a brand logo or message
- Improve hygiene compared by conventional jars
- Improve filling speeds with the pre-assembled tamper evident liners

The majority of consumers love the convenience of an easy to use flip top jar, you never drop a lid again. Furthermore the flip top design improves hygiene reducing bacteria transfer from bathroom surfaces into the product. All the flip top jars come with the option of an intergated IHS aluminium foil to ensure tamper evidence.
The jars are availbale in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 175ml, 250ml and 400ml at an MOQ of 10.000pcs.


Mini Flip top jars

These 100% PP mini jars are perfect for a wide range of products including lip, eye and face care. The cute and convenient size makes them perfect for travelling also. These one-piece mini jars are available in 10ml (oval version) or 15ml (round version).


- Never lose that lid again
- lightweight PP
- Perfect for travelling
- Customise by embossing a brand logo or message

Please contact us for more details such as samples and prices.