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EMSAR new Squeeze Mist

The EMSAR Squeeze Mist is a unique, all in one mini spray package. With an easy and intuitive squeeze of the package, air mixes with the product to deliver a very fine spray.

The package is small and very portable – easy to put in a pocket or handbag. There are two sizes available, a 3ml and a 5ml bottle.

Their new version has an intuitive new design that is easy to open and close. It has a 90° open and close. There is a new cut-out on the package so that it’s easy for the consumer to see where the package will spray.

The Squeeze Mist is all plastic, 98% polypropylene, which was chosen to create a bottle that is easy to squeeze and have a quick return for multiple sprays. The design is sleek and fits easily in the hand, as well as a pocket. The new cap is easy to open and close.

The Squeeze Mist is ideal for on the go products, anything from breath sprays to body sprays to air fresheners.

It’s very portable, easy to use, and very different.