A family friendly option from Rieke

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A family friendly option from Rieke

Environné Fruit and Vegetable Wash, the award winning produce cleaner, has been launched in Rieke Dispensing’s Finger Tip Foamer to offer convenience in a family-friendly pack.

Already available in a range of formats including bottles, sprays and wipes, Environné wanted to introduce its Fruit and Vegetable Wash in a foam dispenser to offer a more effective and easy to use format for the family market.

Rieke Dispensing’s non-aerosol Finger Tip Foamer (RF-08) was selected by Environné as they were impressed by the robust look and feel of the dispenser compared with others they had seen on the market.

Kristi Reed, Operations Manager at Environné said, “Rieke Dispensing worked closely with us to ensure the successful launch of the new foam dispenser.  We have been delighted with the benefits the Finger Tip Foamer has offered our customers – feedback on its performance has been excellent!”

“Environné’s Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a great, novel product,” comments David Pritchett, Vice President Consumer Products and Corporate Product Development at Rieke. ”The foaming action provided by our dispenser adds an element of fun for younger users. In addition we are able to ensure product durability and the Finger Tip Foamer has an innovative device to reduce waste and therefore prolong the life of the wash.”